I'm a New York City web developer who, before converting to the darkside, got a B.A. in Classics from Columbia. For interests, perhaps it's best to say that I love all things language-related, without humanist bias. Drop me a line if you too, gentil lecteur, would like to help old texts flourish in the new age. Natural language processing, design and David Bowie are also welcome conversation topics.


I currently work as a front-end developer at Sixgill, an IoT startup based in LA; before that I worked as a full-stack dev at SportsRecruits. Aside from day jobs, I've done a number of freelance projects, the most notable of which is a dermatology study app I built with West Virginia University Medical School. Lastly, if you need to kill a moment or two, you might enjoy this little Asteroids game I made a few years back.


Javascript, React/Redux, PHP, Ember, Ruby, Rails, Backbone, Vue, Python, SCSS/CSS, HTML5, SQL


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